Flock, Private Contact and Calendar Cloud Sync.

rhodey on 21 Jul 2014

At Open Whisper Systems, we believe users should have both privacy and powerful services. Today we’re releasing Flock, a private cloud sync service for your personal data.

Your contacts and calendars belong to you. So does your privacy. Flock makes it possible to have both.

Screenshot of Flock

Your Devices. Your Data. Your Password. That’s It.

Flock is mobile-oriented, and integrates seamlessly with the Android account system. After registering, Flock exposes an Android account that transparently handles all the encrypted sync logic. Just continue to use your preferred apps, and Flock keeps it all safe and up-to-date. No new tricks to remember. More security, same workflow.

Your data will be locked before ever leaving your device, and can only be unlocked by your password. We never see your password, and we can’t be compelled to hand over the keys to your data.

Flock Sync, or roll your own.

We built Flock Sync to power all of this, and it’s available for only $5 a year. Before you commit, try it for 30 days – we don’t require any payment information before the end of your trial. Bitcoin is also accepted!

For the technically inclined, Flock also supports the ability to host your own sync server free of charge.

What’s Next?

For calendars and contacts, Flock just works on Android. But we’re not stopping there. Encrypted backup of photos, videos, and desktop integration are all on the horizon.

Open Source Security

In the past year, TextSecure has grown up quickly, and we owe this to our amazing network of contributors. Flock is also Open Source, and we’re sending Flock out into the Open Whisper Systems community by adding it to our BitHub pool.

Try Flock for free. We hope you enjoy playing with it, and consider participating in our open-source development process. Happy Syncing!