A Unified Alias

Connect across apps
networks and protocols...

Signal Gives You Control

Signal is a universal identity that gives you control over how you communicate. Users can reach each other across multiple apps, networks and devices. Signal can be used to represent an individual, a business or an application.

You can register a native Signal here, or just use any domain name you already own.

Ending Phone Numbers

We started our SignalThis project to help developers, hackers, makers and businesses get a head start on controlling their telecom and communications experience.

Signal.org is non-profit organization committed to creating an ecosystem where the identity you are reached at isn’t controlled by a business or government. We also aim to extend communications infrastructure to regions where none currently exists or where it has been compromised by oppressive governments.

Use Any Domain

You can also use any existing internet domain as your Signal. Signal is a free and open protocol, like email. So you can host it on your own servers or in the cloud.



Use it anywhere. Literally.

Signal can be used anywhere, even in games. Find each other online using the same Signal you use on your cell phones. Use Signal for in-game chat and messaging or to call outside of the game network.

Even if your kids don’t have cell phone service they can call you on the road for free. Signal allows everyone to participate in the phone network for free. Paying cellular customers can talk to internet connected users who don’t pay for traditional phone service.

Check out our new project ^this, a phone service that lets you connect the old telephone network with Signal, and all your devices and applications.


TV, Radio and Internet Broadcasts

Signal can also be used to call media streams up across Smart TV’s, tablets and computers.

What TV channel is your team playing on? What was that podcast your friend told you about? Signal simplifies more than just communications, it is a single alias that lets you access applications, services, businesses and more….

You are only limited by your imagination.

Put Signal In Your Apps

Signal is decentralized and free to use. Give your users the power over their own identity and help them instantly find their friends and family in your apps and services.

Signal.org will be releasing a free resource guide to using DNS Keys for developers here. Check out our Projects section and be sure to tell us about your own so we can add it to Signal.org.

If you would like to help Signal.org as a developer, community volunteer or influencer, let us know here.